• What is your actionable plan for identifying and developing your organization’s future leaders?
  • What steps would you take right now to turn around an underachieving employee and make them a stellar performer?
  • What do you do to communicate your organization’s goals and keep your staff focused on the big picture while they wrestle with day-to-day work?
  • What assessments are you using to identify your staff members’ strengths and gaps?

If you are not actively doing these things, your team may not be working up to its current or future potential!

With 20+ years of experience, we guide organizational teams and entrepreneurs to remove blocks and barriers, stay ignited, and be on purpose to achieve their goals.

We bring an outside perspective and extensive corporate experience in solving people challenges in the workplace.  Most entrepreneurs are big picture thinkers.  We help them take their big picture ideas and put them into actionable steps while maintaining balance and being in alignment with their values.

Do you want:

  • To improve your most valuable asset (your workforce) with proven, effective personal and professional development?
  • To have your team live the Vision, Mission, and Values of your organization?
  • To learn how to retain your most valued staff members?
  • Your leadership team to identify actionable goals and execute strategy faster?
  • To create an impactful workplace culture that attracts and retains A-players?

We can help you get there!

So, what exactly is coaching and what does it look like?

Coaching is a co-creative relationship where the coach is focused on the client’s goals and challenges. Coaching is not therapy or counseling. The coach and client work together to develop organizational goals, create development plans, improve business skills, and bring important and measurable improvements to leaders, staff, and processes.

Benefits of bringing coaching to your organization:

  • Builds trust;
  • Creates a change-ready and -able environment;
  • Develops an engaged workforce;
  • Lowers overall turnover/creates right turnover;
  • Establishes a culture of learning;
  • Makes staff feel appreciated;
  • Creates thinkers vs doers;
  • Allows leadership to depart from “police” or “fix-it” role — leaders move from architect to integrated builder.

Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them. — Albert Einstein

The coaching culture drives accountability, commitment to success, honed communication skills, and authenticity. We can provide coaching for individuals or groups. Our goal is to help staff and the leadership of your organization to improve performance and serve your customers more effectively. We also offer coach training to your staff to bring a living, self-sustaining coaching culture to your organization. Coach training for your organization is customized to your needs, timeline, and budget.

For more information on bringing coaching to your organization, contact us now!

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