Leadership Development

My name is Marguerite Ham, and I own and operate Igniting Success, located near beautiful Denver, Colorado. I focus on professional development for organizations, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and their executive management teams. My programs are perfect for organizations who are looking to grow and develop their people and businesses. I can particularly benefit companies in transition, whether through leadership changes, reorganization and restructuring, or wrestling with growing pains.

My expertise is in training and coaching in the areas of Leadership, Team Building, Productivity, Communication Skills, Generational Differences, Coaching Certification and Memory Techniques.

Are you or your organization looking to:

  • Improve productivity, project management, task management?
  • Increase communication among staff, management teams?
  • Break through barriers that are holding you/your organization back?
  • Be more effective at giving feedback, coaching people, leading people, leading teams?
  • Cultivate a culture of growth and sustained organizational success?
  • Create a workforce that is effective, engaged and fulfilled?

I am passionate about guiding people to create their Vision, Mission and Purpose personally and professionally and am energized by igniting people to reach their potential while maintaining balance and joy.

Looking forward to talking with you and how I can ignite you and your organization to a higher level of success!