I collaborate with and work for various organizations in the Denver area, both commercial and charitable.

Business Affiliates

Coach Training Alliance logo

Coach Training Alliance: The CTA trains and certifies new coaches in all areas of life.

Employers Council logo

The Employers Council (formerly Mountain States Employers Council) provides HR information, legal services, coaching, negotiating/mediation, and training to businesses in their geographic areas. Marguerite presents classes in the Denver office throughout the year, with 5 Languages of Leadership having become a very popular and well-received class!

Selected Leadership Academy logo

Selected Leadership Academy (in association with the Selected Independent Funeral Homes): Teaches leadership and organizational skills to owners and funeral directors in independent funeral homes. Marguerite is the Academy Dean, overseeing all the meetings, conference calls, webinars, and coaching sessions. The Selected Leadership Academy is not just another leadership training program. It’s a personalized journey for those who believe their leadership matters and choose to become better. Academy members embark on a two-year course of study with a class of peers, wherein they learn, share, and build bonds which last far beyond the class. Many members return in the role of mentors or guest presenters to the current classes, and continue sharing their leadership growth with their own class via social media groups.

leadership academy conference
Selected Leadership Academy Conference, 2017 – ArtSpace

Charitable Organizations:

I feel it is important to give back to my community, particularly to those who are in need and hurting. I currently work with these grief groups.

GRASP:  Helping the families and loved ones of overdose victims.

Heartlight Center: Helping grieving families accept loss and move forward with life.