Marguerite Ham is known for her highly energetic, entertaining presentations on leadership development, team building, coaching, and organizational health. Marguerite’s presentations, whether conference sessions or seminars, are content rich, interactive, and action-oriented. She believes that interaction, refreshers, and definite action plans are the key to making education “stick” in the work environment. Marguerite has 30+ years of experience in training, coaching, leadership development, conferences, and professional retreats with organizations nationwide. Her mission is to guide leaders and entrepreneurs to discover their authentic path of success in alignment with their internal values. When combined with the goals and values of their organizations, this helps them realize their fullest potential both personally and professionally.

Marguerite Ham owns and operates Igniting Success, a training and coaching service company focusing on professional development for organizations, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and executive management teams who are looking to grow and develop their people and businesses. Her specific areas of expertise are:

  • Conference keynote and session speaking
  • Leadership development at all levels
    • Classes and seminars (1/2-day or full day)
    • 1- or 2-year leadership academies for individuals or organizations
    • Tailored programs for a group of leaders in a single organization
  • Coaching
    • Coach Training
    • Organizational Individual and Group Coaching
    • Coach Certification
  • Certified DISC Practitioner.
  • Productivity
  • Communication skills
  • Generational differences
  • Equine-facilitated events
  • Memory Training

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